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NH First-in-the-Nation Primary

Dante Scala, associate professor of political science
Expertise: New Hampshire politics, presidential primary
Email: dante.scala@unh.edu
Cell phone: 603-540-4018
Blog: http://graniteprof.typepad.com/
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Andrew Smith
, associate professor of political science and director of the UNH Survey Center
Expertise: elections, New Hampshire politics, public opinion, survey methodology
Email: Andrew.smith@unh.edu
Office phone: 603-862-2226
Home phone: 603-868-3309
Web site: http://www.unh.edu/survey-center/
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Ken Johnson, senior demographer, UNH Carsey Institute
Expertise: New Hampshire demographic trends among voters
Email: ken.johnson@unh.edu
Office: 603-862-2205
Web site: http://www.carseyinstitute.unh.edu/johnson.html

Larry Prelli, chair of the UNH Department of Communication
Expertise: political rhetoric, propaganda and persuasion
Email: larry.prelli@unh.edu
Office phone: 603-862-3034

Jennifer Borda, assistant professor of communication
Expertise: analysis of political rhetoric, presidential speeches, advertisements and the relationship between rhetoric, the media, and politics
Office: 603-862-3709
Home: 603-749-0710
Cell: 603-502-8963
E-mail: jennifer.borda@unh.edu

Joshua Meyrowitz, professor of communication
Expertise: news media analysis and criticism
Email: joshua.meyrowitz@unh.edu
Office phone: 603-862-3031
Home phone: 603-868-5090

James Farrell, associate professor of communication
Expertise: history and criticism of American public address, political discourse
Email: james.farrell@unh.edu
Office phone: 603-862-3447

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