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May 14, 2004

Watch for renewal notices for faculty/staff parking permits

Dear Faculty/Staff:
Renewal notices for faculty/staff parking permits will be mailed out soon. There have been a few changes to the parking permit renewal process. This letter is to let you know what to expect, but this document is not the actual renewal notice!

Renewal notices will be sent out soon to the home addresses of current valid permit holders. Holders of permits that lapsed before June 30, 2004, will not be sent a renewal notice, and these people will need to re-apply at Transportation Services. If you have recently moved, and did not furnish your new address to Transportation Services, please call 2-1010 with the new information right away. If you do not get a renewal form at your home address before June 15, please call Transportation. If you have unpaid tickets, please pay them right away. As in the past, the renewal forms are personalized, and will show permit, personal and vehicle information that’s currently on file for you in our database. You will be asked to review all that information for accuracy, making corrections as necessary.

Pre-tax payments
As reported earlier this year, the price for parking permits has changed to $50 per year. However, this increase can be mitigated by requesting a pre-tax payroll deduction. By doing this, the effect on your take-home pay is notably smaller than it is by paying with after-tax dollars. Pre-tax payments are available by selecting a payroll deduction option only. All $50 renewal payroll deductions will be done by a pre-tax deduction of $25 on two consecutive paychecks.

Payment options
This is the most convenient payment option available, open to full-time and hourly employees alike.
Eligible faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to select “Auto-Renew” to take advantage of the convenience and pre-tax savings. Under Auto-Renew, you don’t need to fill out an application form every year. We just send you a yearly notice advising you of an impending pre-tax payroll deduction, and have you verify that your personal & vehicle info is up to date. As long as you remain eligible, and have no outstanding tickets at the time of renewal, the renewal will be done for you automatically. That’s all there is to it. The program is voluntary, and you may opt out later if you chose.

It is very important to note that because of the change in permit price, all previous enrollees of Auto-Renew must re-enroll under the new fee. If you were in Auto-Renew in years past, your permit will NOT automatically renew this year.

Single-year payroll deduction: In this option, you need to fill out a renewal form every year, providing your personal & vehicle information over again, and requesting a new payroll deduction for the upcoming year.

Check or cash: You may also select a check or cash payment to renew your parking permit, although there is no pre-tax benefit available in this option, and the full price must be paid all in one payment. This option requires filling out a new renewal form in subsequent years as well.

Original permits: Eligible employees who don’t have a permit to renew, but would like one, may apply for their original permit. Their application must be accompanied by documentation of employment. The payroll deduction payment options are available for original permit sales or renewals through September 15 only. After that, original permits or renewals may be purchased by the check or cash payment option only. However, these employees may enroll in Auto-Renew or select the single-year payroll deduction option in the next renewal cycle.

For more information on permit renewals, sales, and campus parking, visit

Marc Laliberte, Transportation Services


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