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Educational Talent Search and Upward Bound Have New Location

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Two pre-collegiate programs that help youths get to college have relocated to the Elizabeth DeMeritt House at 18 Garrison Avenue.

Educational Talent Search, for 6 through 12 graders, and Upward Bound, serving 9 through 12 grade students, are part of the TRIO programs that grew out of the Higher Education Act of 1965. TRIO programs promote educational equality and provide educational opportunity to all citizens regardless of race, ethnic background or economic circumstance.

UNH’s Educational Talent Search, which serves more than 1,200 New Hampshire students throughout the state, works with low income, first generation youths. While UNH hosts these programs as they help students prepare for college, participants are free to attend any school in the country.

The UNH Upward Bound program is one of more than 900 such programs in the country that help eligible high school students gain access to, and be successful during, a college education.

The TRIO Programs were created during the Johnson administration to help break the cycle of poverty. Two-thirds of the students served by the programs must come from families who meet the federal guidelines for low income and neither parent holds a 4-year college degree. More than 2,600 TRIO Programs currently serve nearly 872,000 low-income Americans.

Thirty-seven percent of TRIO students are white, 35 percent, African-Americans; 19 percent, Hispanics; 4 percent, Native Americans, 4 percent Asian-Americans, and 1percent are listed as "other," including multiracial students. Sixteen thousand students with disabilities and more than 25,000 U.S. veterans are currently enrolled in the TRIO Programs as well.

For information on Educational Talent Search visit http://www.ets.unh.edu/.  For Upward Bound, go to http://www.upwardbound.unh.edu/.