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Tandem Health Advantage Testimonies

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Shopping around for certain health care needs is starting to pay off. In cash.

Earlier this year, USNH partnered with Tandem Care as a way to try to reduce health care expenses. The New Hampshire company provides current cost and quality information on medical tests and procedures. Its personal shopping service, Tandem Health Advantage, offers cash rewards to patients who make the decision to receive care at a comparable facility or lab that charges less for the same procedure.

Here’s what UNH employees who have used the program say:

“Usually, my husband and I have our annual blood tests done at our local hospital. After calling Tandem Care, we chose to take the time to go to a lower-cost lab in another town. Not only were the fees significantly less, something we feel would be helpful in this age of rising health costs, we were very pleased to find that we each received a sizable reward.”

“I have used Tandem twice and my experience was very positive both times. The process was easy. All I had to do was call Tandem, and their staff was very informative and helpful.”

“I used the Tandem Health Advantage service for the first time today and found the process helpful, easy and informative. The end result is savings on health costs for everyone and allows me to become a more informed health consumer.”

To take advantage of the incentive program, simply contact Tandem Care (1-866-797-4100 or info@tandemcare.com) when your doctor orders outpatient tests such as an MRI, CT scan, mammogram, colonoscopy, ultrasound or lab work and a nurse will help you compare costs in your area. If the provider where your doctor ordered the test is more money, and you choose to go somewhere that charges less, the Tandem nurse will help you reschedule the appointment. And, you’ll get a cash reward.

Amounts vary. If you call Tandem and you’re already using a low-cost facility, you’ll get $20. If you switch to a lower-priced provider, you’ll receive $40 if the savings is between $150 and $249; $75 if it’s between $250 and $449; $100 between $450 and $649; $150 between $650 and $999 and $200 if you save $1,000 or more.

A webinar on the incentive program presented by Amy Schwartz, director of Health Care Cost Containment for USNH, and Eve Oyer, president, benefits management for Tandem Health Care, will take place Wednesday June 6, from 1–2 p.m.

To register for the webinar, visit http://bit.ly/usnhtandemwebinar. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.