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Transportation Updates: Mopeds Subject to Vehicles Rules; New Bus Route Added

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Mopeds will need to take it to the streets as of July 1. That’s when the low-powered motorcycles have to start following the same rules as other vehicles on campus, including obtaining a parking permit and staying off sidewalks, core pathways, and bike lanes. 

Other transportation news includes the approval of $40,000 by the Space Allocation, Repairs and Renovation Committee (SARRC) for campus bike racks. Federal funding is being sought to provide additional bus shelters and pullouts, to develop design plans for the final build-out of the transit center on the north end of the rail station, and to develop high-density bike parking on Academic Way at Morse Circle. Up to 80 percent of federal grant funds are used to supplement SARRC contributions for such projects. Notification is expected by August 2012.

Year-round weekday bus service to Rochester via Route 125 is slated to begin in September 2013 with a new compressed natural gas-powered transit bus whose operations will be federally supported for three years. Terminus and major stops at NH DOT park-and-rides will provide convenient parking en route, with future connections planned to service downtown Rochester and beyond.

Three other projects will move forward once the Federal Transit Administration approves funding, delayed due to the lack of a long-term federal transportation bill. Expanded Wildcat Transit service to Portsmouth, with buses running every half hour during peak commuting times, is scheduled to begin in September 2012. The Congestion, Mitigation & Air Quality program will provide 100 percent of capital and operating assistance for that route as part of the environmental impact plan for the Little Bay Bridge construction project that NH DOT is undertaking.

Also planned is the replacement in the spring of 2013 of three Bluebird buses with vehicles powered by biodiesel, and the addition of real-time transit information, which will allow the public to see the location of UNH Wildcat and Campus Connector buses in real-time on any Web- enabled device. The anticipated start date is January 2013.