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Peep Show Winners Creative and Whimsical

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You’d think there might be only so many things one can do with marshmallow Peeps when it comes to using them to express healthy living but UNH’s Health Services has drawn out the best once again with entries in its third annual “Peep Your Way to Health" Peeps Show.

Faculty, staff and students were invited to create a diorama using Peeps to show how they maintain health and wellness. This year’s winners include:

1st place: “Wellness for Life thru Activity in Sport,” UNH athletic trainers
2nd place: “Peeps Need Sleep,” Megan Pollack, occupational therapy students

1st Place: Wizard of Wellness, Judith Quist, staff (library associate)
2nd Place: Couch 2-5K, Christina Rowland, staff (information technologist)
3rd Place: Peeps Healthy Hockey at the Whit, Michael Houle, student

In “The Wizard of Wellness,” Judith Quist played on The Wizard of Oz, with one Peep sporting ruby red shoes. The Scarecrow Peep holds a sign that reads, “Exercise your brain,” while the Tin Man’s sign reads, “Take care of your heart. Eat well and exercise.”  The Wizard Peep reveals that people have the power to control their wellness.

The “Peeptato” in Christina Rowland’s “Couch 2-5K” is a take on online support systems that help people go from sitting on their couches to running a 5K road race. In Rowland’s diorama, Peeptato is seen sprawled on a couch covered with a blanket and then in a runner’s bib crossing the finish line.

Michael Houle’s “Peeps Healthy Hockey at the Whit” has fans and players surrounded by signs that encourage healthy choices. There is even a Wild E. Cat Peep cheering them on.

To view a slideshow of the entries, visit http://www.unh.edu/health-services/ohep/peeps_show.html.

For more information on health and wellness visit http://www.unh.edu/health-services/ohep/index.html.