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Employee Health Clinic Open to Dependents 18+

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Dependents (18 and older) of faculty and staff who are insured through Harvard Pilgrim Health Care can now use the employee clinic that opened at Health Services in February. Employees with other insurance plans and their adult dependents also can receive care at the clinic but should check with their insurance companies beforehand to ensure coverage.

The clinic has been phasing in services while it fine-tunes its operations. Initially, only employees have been able to use the clinic but there have been many requests to provide care to adult dependents.

“Extending the services of the employee clinic to dependents over the age of 18 is exciting,” says Amy Schwartz, director of health care cost containment for USNH. “It allows us to offer high-quality, convenient acute care services for a greater number of employees and their families, and represents real cost savings for the university. It is important to keep making steps to serve our employees, and meet our goals of health care cost containment.” 

Employees and dependents who use the campus health clinic may earn cash rewards through  Tandem Health Advantage, a personal shopping service that rewards UNH benefits-eligible employees who make conscious decisions about where they have tests or other medical procedures done.

If a doctor orders care that the clinic can provide for less money than another facility, the employee could receive a cash reward. To find out where the services can be had for less, call or email Tandem (1-866-797-4100 or info@tandemcare.com) and a nurse will help compare costs in the area.

If you call Tandem and you’re already using a low-cost facility, you’ll get $20. If you switch to a lower-priced provider, you’ll receive $40 if the savings is between $150 and $249; $75 if it’s between $250 and $449; $100 between $450 and $649; $150 between $650 and $999 and $200 if you save $1,000 or more.

The employee clinic’s pharmacy offers many generic prescription drugs for $5, less than the co-pay for many purchased using the Caremark plan. Over-the-counter drugs such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, cough and cold medicines, vitamins, eye drops and nasal spray are sold at the pharmacy as well, generally for less than comparable retail prices.

The employee clinic is open during the academic year Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Summer hours will be announced soon. For radiology, pharmacy, and lab hours visit the employee clinic site.