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Dining Services Supervisor Is Author; Playwright

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Gary Sabbag

Gary Sabbag is a shift supervisor in Dining Services. He has a bachelor’s degree from the Whittemore School of Business (’74) and years of restaurant management experience behind him. But his real passion is writing.

Sabbag is the author of  the children’s picture book “Myrtle and Chuck,” as well as several one-act plays, including “Gorilla, My Dreams” (1999); “Rim Shot Or The Deadline” (1994); and “The Side Show” (1995). He also wrote the full-length play “Stormy Weather” (1996).

“Myrtle and Chuck,” which Sabbag has performed as a play, is the story of a turtle and a duck who become friends despite their differences. A former journalist, Sabbag worked for the Lincoln City News Guard in Lincoln City, Oregon, and the Wenatchee Business Journal, in Wenatchee, Washington.

“The food and beverage business is second nature to me,” says Sabbag, who grew up working in a family restaurant, “but I would describe myself as a writer. I write every day; I’m always writing something.”

His latest venture is a novel-in-progress that he describes as a Frankenstein meets Napoleon meets Buddha story.

“I like to entertain myself and others; I like to educate and enlighten myself and others,” Sabbag says. “I strive to convey my feelings, my experiences, my creativity, connecting with humanity-at-large. I feel I can make a contribution.”

Sabbag will be performing “Myrtle and Chuck,” Thursday, June 27, at 4 p.m. at Water Street Bookstore in Exeter.