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Tandem Health Care: It Pays to Shop Around

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This chart shows actual price differences for common procedures performed in the area.

If you haven’t heard of Tandem Care yet, there’s a good reason to take notice: university employees and their dependents can earn cash rewards for opting to receive health care at a comparable facility that charges less for the same procedure.

By utilizing Tandem's Health Advantage price shopping program, you will help the university save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the cost of medical tests and procedures. And, when you use Tandem Care, you will receive a reward of between $20 and $200, based on the amount saved by UNH. 

This isn’t a case of swapping quality for savings. The low cost providers are all fully licensed, credentialed, contracted Harvard Pilgrim providers who happen to charge less than other providers.

Here's how it works:

  • When your doctor orders outpatient tests such as an MRI, CT scan, mammogram, colonoscopy, ultrasound or lab work, call Tandem Care (1-866-797-4100 or info@tandemcare.com) and the nurse on staff will help you select a low cost provider.
  • The nurse will make an appointment for you at the new provider and make sure that your medical records are waiting for you when you arrive for your appointment.  
  • If you already had an appointment scheduled by your doctor’s office with the higher priced provider, the nurse will cancel that appointment for you as well.
  • Go to your new appointment.
  • Tandem will send you a check. (Rewards are taxable as income, regardless of amount, and will be subject to withholding.

More information can be read at www.usnh.edu/hr/benefits/tandemcare.html.