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Operating Staff Council Elects New Members

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The Operating Staff Council elected five new members at its July meeting. Joining the board are Joe Jillette, Rachael Gonzalez, Kaydee Hughes and Amanda Haney. Penny Gould is a new councilor-at-large.

Other council representatives include Monique Couillard (chair and councilor –at-large), Slava Bruder (vice chair), Brian Tobin (secretary), Keith Cipullo, Debra Burnett, Lee Calderone, Janice Pierson, Karen Mars, Kathi Maher, Lisa Canfield, Helen Lonek, and Laurrie Anne Malizia (councilor –at-large).

OS representatives to the System Personnel Policy Council are Lonn Sattler and Janice Pierson.

The council will meet next on Sept. 12.