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Music to His Ears: Computer Store Employee's Songs Part of Movie Soundtrack

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Rob McGary

There was a time when making music was Rob McGary’s dream. During the 1990s, he played bass in a band that performed locally and even recorded a few songs. Then the lead singer moved to New York and McGary, who works at the UNH Computer Store,  got married, had a couple of kids, and settled down.

But, the music lived on.

Last month, when the movie “Ted” opened in Newington, McGary was in the audience, listening to songs he’d recorded with his band mates more than 10 years earlier. When the film ended, he got to watch his name, listed in the credits, scroll across the screen.

“Ted”, starring Mark Wahlberg and a talking teddy bear, voiced by the film’s writer/director Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy” fame, features two songs that McGary and fellow Mr. Purple musicians Chris Bird, Kevin Burt, and Ted Mercer, recorded. “Find Myself Again” is heard in a scene with Wahlberg and his girlfriend, played by Mila Kunis. “Isabelle” is heard later when Wahlberg goes to a party.

MacFarlane is Mercer’s cousin so when he was looking to put together the movie’s soundtrack, he gave Mercer’s music another listen and chose the two songs McGary helped record along with two others Mercer made with another band.

McGary says he got a kick out of hearing his music being played during the movie. His kids
think it’s pretty cool, too, although McGary says they won’t be seeing the film, rated R for language and adult situations, any time soon.

“Both of my children are more excited about the concept of having their dad’s music in a movie than they are about the music itself. My daughter told everyone at her summer camp and they were all interested to hear the story,” McGary says, adding that he has promised to buy them a candy bar when he gets his first royalty check.

In recent years—for the past six, in fact--McGary played with the band Rough but all of the members’ lives have gotten so busy, it’s been hard for them to continue.

“The music was always a dream growing up, but at some point reality sets in,” McGary says. “I have not had any other music that I’ve recorded in any other films, so this has been a fun experience.  At the very least, I got to hear music I recorded in a major motion picture, along with having my name appear in the credits.” 

Both “Isabelle” and “Find Myself Again” are available for download at www.mercerrecords.com, a record label company launched by Mercer that donates proceeds from the music to charities.