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UNH IT Security: Protect Your Money

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A recent report from a reputable security firm indicates that if you manage your finances online your money may be at risk unless you take a combination of precautions. The report indicates that a new type of malicious software could infect your computer and cause it to display incorrect information about your bank balance. This is an example of evolving threats that you face while managing your finances online.
In addition to taking customary precautions as outlined below, we recommend that you maintain constant vigilance and check your financial balances frequently using more than just your computer. Incorporate checking your balance by phone, at a secure ATM location, or directly at your bank into your routine.
Also, apply the following good practices:
·         Apply operating system and application updates to your computer
·         Configure security and anti-virus updates to be automatic and check often that they are current
·         Stay informed about security issues and solutions for your mobile devices
·         Periodically check your online banking institution news feeds  and website for warnings
·         Be sure to understand your institution's security practices, including how they protect against online theft
·         Do not use the same username and password credentials for all accounts
In the future, banks also may develop new methods for securely accessing your financial information online. Look for communications from your banks on this topic.