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UNH Energy Office - Profile in Sustainability

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Scott Lindquist, Matt O’Keefe, Jim Dombrosk and Allan Trombley, UNH Energy Office.
  1. Why is reducing individual energy use on campus an important part of UNH's sustainability leadership?

    Being more efficient in our use of energy does not require limiting our activities or comfort, but can save a lot of money, reduce air pollution, and conserve natural resources for the future.

  2.  What can faculty, staff and students do to reduce their energy use?

    Use energy at UNH with the same efficiency that you use it at home. Visit energy.unh.edu and the UNHSA staff page for information on how. 

  3. What motivates you personally to be involved in sustainability?

    Scott Lindquist:  Trying to get as much action as possible out of our energy dollars.

    Matt O’Keefe: By saving energy, you have the greatest influence that you control for reducing impacts to our environment.

    Jim Dombrosk:  I've been working in the energy management field for 33 years...it's still fun and challenging with something new every day.

    Allan Trombley:  The technology is constantly evolving; there is never a dull moment.