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Using Caremark Prescription Mail Away Program Saves Time

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CVS Caremark, the new prescription drug program for benefits-eligible employees, offers a mail away service that makes ordering and receiving medications a snap.

First the reminder that you do not need to use a CVS pharmacy for those prescriptions you fill locally. The mail away service offers a 90-day supply for medications that you need long-term; most cost less compared to getting three 30-day supplies at a retail pharmacy.

To begin, just ask your doctor to write a new prescription for up to a 90-day supply. Then, complete a CVS Caremark mail service order form and mail it along with the prescription and copayment to the CVS Caremark address listed on the form. Prescriptions also can be faxed by your doctor.

Once the account is established, you can set up automatic refills. Or, you can order refills online, over the telephone, or by mail. You also can set automatic renewals; when a prescription is due to expire, CVS Caremark will contact your doctor for approval to renew it. This request also can be made online.

New prescriptions arrive 7 to 10 days from the time Caremark receives the order; refills take between 5 and 7 days. If Caremark has an email address on file, you will receive a notice that the medication has been shipped. Shipping is free (unless you forget to renew a prescription and need it sent special delivery).

To use the online service, you need to register with CVS Caremark (https://www.caremark.com/wps/portal). You’ll need either your CVS Caremark prescription ID card or a recent prescription number.

Once registered, you can order prescriptions, check your benefits, ask a pharmacist a question, find ways to save money, and research medications. Find out about cost, usage and drug interaction by going here Search for a drug.  Visit the savings center at www.caremark.com to see how much you can save.

To order a medication you’ve received preciously, just go to your prescription history, select the medication and follow the prompts to verify the order, shipping information, and how you will pay. If you’ve signed up for automatic refills, you can skip all this.

When you look at your prescription history, you can see the drugs you’ve been prescribed, which pharmacy filled them, and when the prescription was last filled.

The drug information section allows you to enter the name of the medication and get an overview of what it’s used to treat, any side effects and drug interactions, and an image of what it looks like.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, email customer service or call a customer service representative at (866) 768-4252.