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UNH Law Offers New Tuition Benefit to UNH Faculty Members and Staff

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Dean John Broderick of the UNH School of Law and UNH President Mark Huddleston have announced a new opportunity for the family members of full-time UNH faculty and staff to attend law school at a significant discount.

Upon admission to the law school’s fall 2012 entering class, any spouse, domestic partner, or child of an eligible UNH employee will be eligible for a significant tuition waiver: they will be billed at a maximum of $15,000 per academic year, plus fees (currently $90). The full tuition rate at UNH Law for the 2012-2013 year will be $41,100.

“We are excited about the opportunity to strengthen the relationship and investment in the success of both UNH and UNH School of Law and to offer a unique opportunity for our employees,” said Huddleston.

Eligible applicants should submit an attachment with their application for admission, or write to the Admissions Office at UNH Law, identifying the eligible employee and the applicant’s relationship to that employee. A written verification of the employee’s status as a full-time employee of UNH with at least one year of service should be obtained from the Office of Human Resources and included with the applicant’s submission.

The waiver will be renewable yearly for students in academic good standing upon annual verification of the eligible employee’s continuing full-time employment at UNH.

Interested individuals should contact the UNH School of Law Admissions office at admissions@law.unh.edu or visit law.unh.edu/admissions.

The UNH School of Law, affiliated with UNH, is a global leader in innovative legal education. Its internationally renowned intellectual property program, now housed in the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, boasts one of the largest full-time faculties in the field, a broad range of curricular offerings, and the only academic intellectual property library in the nation. Through its Social Justice Institute, wide range of clinics, externships and unique Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program, UNH School of Law is a pioneer in practice-based education. Learn more at law.unh.edu.