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A Garden Grows In Murkland

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Holly Harris, an administrative assistant in the Spanish program, had her office in Murkland Hall moved to the mailroom where there are no windows. She missed windows. And the light. Deciding to “make lemonade out of my lemons” Harris said, she converted an old bookshelf into a vertical garden, filling it with plants and adding low energy grow lights, and set it up in a corner of her new office.  

The results, she says, are stunning. And healthy.

“Internal pollution, toxins from carpets, paint, finishes, and people are considered a bigger health threat than external pollution. Not only do the plants clean the air by removing toxins, they add oxygen and humidity to the office, improving the quality of the air along with adding beauty and make people feel better,” Harris says., adding that the feedback she has received from colleagues has been overwhelming positive.