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Dimond Library Gets New Look

Before & After photos by Kevin Roddy, Dimond Library circulation desk manager.
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The computer study area in Dimond Library has a taken on a whole new feel with an updated look that provides better lighting and a centralized location for electronic equipment. Renovations were done on the main level during spring break.

The redesign created an alcove in the computer area to centralize equipment including scanners, copiers and printers into one convenient work area. The book stacks were culled, removing every other one and reducing the height by half of those that stayed to create a more open environment that provides more natural light and a view outside from the computer area. 

Additionally, new lights will soon be added above the tables, which were retrofitted for computers and laptop accessibility. Furniture was moved from other areas in the library and retrofitted (ports/outlets installed) to make a cluster area for individual and group work, and 54 wireless hubs were installed.

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“Library faculty and staff, Facilities’ design and construction, Academic Technology and Dining Services have been partnering to provide the resources students need for academic success – whether it’s a cup of coffee, a book or e-journal, research assistance or a cuddle with a dog – students can find it at Dimond Library,” says Tracey Lauder, assistant dean for library administration. “Everyone did an amazing job and students returned to a brighter, more open and inviting space.”

Lockers were added on the main floor so students can store their laptops between classes, and benches were added in the area for cell phone users.

Meanwhile, the microforms collection has been sorted through and relocated. The former microforms room on level two had 58 additional seats (all with electricity) added.

Read more about the Dimond Library http://www.library.unh.edu/.