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First UP-2-NIH Awards Announced

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The Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research has announced the first UP-2-NIH awards designed to help faculty obtain National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants. 
Award recipients are Semra Aytur (health management and policy); Reagan Baughman (economics); Jill McGaughy (psychology); Sam Pazicni (chemistry); Wendy Walsh (sociology); Cheryl Whistler and Clyde Denis (molecular, cellular and biomedical sciences).
Feixia Chu and David Townson (molecular, cellular and biomedical sciences) also will join the group, having received funding from the Argeris "Jerry" Karabelas '74 and Eloise Meader Karabelas '76 COLSA Faculty Development Fund.
In addition to financial support, recipients will participate in a two-semester series of workshops and seminars designed to increase participants' understanding of, and familiarity with, the NIH as well as providing proposal writing and review experiences specific to NIH. 
Many UNH faculty have research interests and expertise in health, biomedical and behavioral sciences, yet their success in obtaining funding from the NIH has been limited. UP-2-NIH was launched in April to increase faculty's chances of receiving NIH grants.
UP-2-NIH award recipients were recommended through a peer review process involving on-campus faculty with NIH expertise. The final selection was made by Jan Nisbet, senior vice provost for research.
"We are very excited about this initiative.  We received many more compelling project proposals than we were able to fund this year. It is our plan to repeat the UP-2-NIH internal competition in future years," Nisbet said.