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Salary Increases Anticipated to be in May 25, June 1 Paychecks

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On March 26, the USNH board of trustees approved a 1.5 percent across the board salary increase for eligible non-union employees, and a 0.5 percent merit pool, with the increases effective Jan.1, 2012.
It is anticipated that increases will be reflected in the May 25 paychecks for PAT, academic administrators, Extension educators, post doctoral research and teaching associates, and non-AAUP faculty, retroactive to Jan.1, 2012. Operating staff increases will be reflected in the June 1 paychecks.
The salary increase will be available to all continuing benefits-eligible employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement who were employed on or before Dec.31, 2011, with the following exceptions:

  • those with a termination or retirement date effective on or before May 25, 2012.
  • those who have received a terminal notice.
  • those over the maximum for their assigned salary range.
  • those with documented unsatisfactory performance.
  • those on leave of absence as cited in System policy (USY V.F.9.10).
  • those whose salary increases are negotiated through a collective bargaining agreement.
  • those who have a negotiated FY12 annual salary/hourly rate.
  • principal administrators whose increases are determined by the executive committee of the board of trustees.