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New Broadcast Studio in Media Relations

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Andrew Smith, director of the UNH Survey Center, prepares for the first interview in the new studio. Photos: Jan Wojtasinski, Photographic Services

UNH faculty experts can now comment on national broadcast news programs from the convenience of Durham via the newly installed ReadyCam® on-site studio. The television studio is located on the ground floor of the New England Center on Strafford Avenue.

“UNH faculty members are frequently sought after by members of the national media to discuss presidential politics, oil spills, crimes against children, and a variety of other topics,” said Erika Mantz, director of Media Relations. “As a land-grant institution, making the great research and knowledge generated by our faculty accessible to the general public through the national media is a top priority and this studio is the tool we needed to expand that reach.”

The ReadyCam® studio allows professors and staff to connect with media without the time or financial investment of traveling to television studios in Manchester or Boston. The system is capable of transmitting high quality SD and HD video over the Internet and can be used to stream webcasts and record video for the web and internal communications.

Andrew Smith, director of the UNH Survey Center.

“Having a television studio right on campus is a great step forward for UNH,” said Andrew Smith, director of the UNH Survey Center and the first faculty member to use the facility for an interview on FOX News’ Your World with Cavuto. “It allows faculty members to share their expertise with the public and raise the visibility of the institution while still being convenient.”

Faculty who are contacted by national broadcast outlets about using the ReadyCam® studio for commentary and interviews should contact Erika Mantz at 2-1567 or erika.mantz@unh.edu. Media Relations also maintains an ISDN line for radio interviews.