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Take the Wildcat Commuter Challenge in May

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Take the Wildcat Commuter Challenge in May

Two things are certain with the coming of spring: The weather will, eventually, get warmer, and gas prices will rise. This May, celebrate the former and laugh at the latter by joining the Wildcat Commuter Challenge.

Hosted by the Sustainability Stewards, a UNH staff group committed to educating the professional university community about sustainability issues, the Wildcat Commuter Challenge promotes a healthy competition by encouraging all UNH faculty and staff to commute to campus by bike, bus, carpool and/or on foot during the month of May. The goals of the Challenge are to promote healthy living behaviors, to practice environmentally-friendly transportation choices, to build community, and to have fun while commuting to work.

To register for the Wildcat Commuter Challenge, sign up here: http://www.sustainableunh.unh.edu/wildcat-commuter-challenge. On a daily or weekly basis starting May 1, enter the total number of one-way trips you make with each means of transit. Each one-way trip, defined as departing from your home location to work and departing from work to return home, is valued with one point. On a typical day of work, most participants will have the opportunity to earn two points. Individuals racking up the most points by June 1st will be awarded one of four commuter-related prizes.

“We all need to commute to work, so why not at least try to commute by bus, carpool, bike or walking?” says Josina Garnham, a sustainability steward and educational program coordinator at WSBE. “You might find it a pleasant way to come to work feeling energized and refreshed  -- getting some fresh air walking or biking;  having time to chat with colleagues in a carpool; or catching up on the news or e-mails while riding the bus.

To jump-start alternative commuting, the stewards will host a commuter clinic Wednesday, April 18 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the MUB. A bike tune-up clinic by the UNH Cycling Team and community volunteers will do bike tune-ups, information for route planning, and giveaways from bicycle shops and other commuter resources will be featured.

And don’t miss the 10th annual Seacoast Bike/Walk to Work Day breakfast at the wildcat statue Friday, May 18.

For more information, go to http://www.sustainableunh.unh.edu/wildcat-commuter-challenge.