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CSDC Celebrates Children, Families, and the Fall Harvest

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The young growers of UNH’s Child Study and Development Center reaped what they sowed last Wednesday (Sept. 21) at the center’s annual Harvest Festival. In addition to treats picked fresh from the garden, children and their families celebrated the coming of fall with songs, books, homemade snacks, mule-drawn wagon rides, and the popular donut-dangle game.

“The annual harvest festival is a celebration of the children’s hard work and play in the CSDC Learning Garden and a welcome to families,” says CSDC director John Nimmo, executive director of the CSDC and associate professor of family studies.

The community learning garden is part of the Growing a Green Generation Project, currently supported by a $5,000 grant from the Anna and Raymond Tuttle Environmental Horticulture Endowment through COLSA. The project was established in 2000 (http://csdc.unh.edu/green) as a collaboration between the UNH Plant Biology and Family Studies departments and provides children with horticulture experiences through the use of the Learning Garden, designed and planted by the CSDC children, and indoor Stand Up © gardens utilized in classrooms. Over the past decade the project has developed a curriculum handbook, engaged in various outreach efforts, and has a conference for educators planned for spring 2012.