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Tips for Using UNH IT Computer Repair Services

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UNH IT computer repair services (CRS) provides hardware and software repairs for faculty, staff and students. CRS technicians are certified to perform warranty repairs on Dell and Apple computers, and Dell and Hewlett Packard network printers. They also service other computer brands.

CRS is located in MUB room 213, next to the UNH Computer Store. Pickup and delivery service is available to on-campus faculty and staff offices.

If your computer needs repair, here are a few things you can do to cut down on turnaround times and additional charges at CRS:

Software licenses and CDs – Bring all of the disks and paperwork that came with your computer. This includes paper licenses for your computer’s operating system and any other commercial programs (e.g. Microsoft Office), and also the original software disks and the key codes.

Note: some new computers come with an attached sticker that is the license for the operating system. In this case, a paper license is not necessary. Other computers come with a “Recovery CD.” Please bring these along as well.

Laptop Accessories – CRS will need the power supply and any other accessories that came with the laptop.

Backup your own data - If your system needs to be rebuilt, CRS can back up all your personal data for a fee. This process will add time and accrues additional charges to your total invoice. You can avoid both by backing up your own data ahead of time.

Provide a complete description of the problem - If you are not sure what is wrong with your computer, write down as much pertinent information as possible and bring it with you. For example: When did the problem start? Did you get a specific error message? What happened right before the problem started? Does the problem repeat itself? Answers to these questions can help cut down on troubleshooting time.

Visit tps.unh.edu/crs or call the UNH IT Service Desk at 2-4242 for more