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Postcards from the Edge

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Suzy Allen doesn’t remember exactly how the tradition began but it’s been going on for about 15 years: An employee goes on vacation and brings back���doesn’t mail but brings back with them���a postcard. And it goes up on the wall.

Now, more than a decade later, the hallways in the Financial Aid Office are alive with pictures of the mountains and deserts and waterways of America. There are postcards from Hawaii and Alaska; Texas and Florida; all the New England states. In fact, there are far more states represented than not; only a handful have yet to receive a visitor from UNH.

Getting to those that haven���t been visited has become somewhat of a mission

“I knew we didn’t have Nebraska and I was visiting nearby so I said we had to drive over the state line so I could get a postcard,” Allen says.

Less populated but gaining ground is the international wall, where postcards from foreign countries are displayed. Cindy Mills, a financial aid officer, makes sure all the postcards make it to the walls, first logging the traveler’s name and the date of the trip in the right-hand corner.
The collection is substantial and still growing.

“After it started, I was traveling a lot so the first thing I’d do when I got off the plane was go into the gift shop and buy a postcard so I wouldn’t forget,” says Allen, director of Financial Aid. “It’s a fun thing for us to do.”