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President Attends OS Council Meeting

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Operating Staff Council

President Mark Huddleston attended the monthly meeting of the OS Council to address questions solicited by representatives from their constituents. Questions ranged from whether salaries could be capped at $100,000 to how to limit the overhead of existing sports teams to Huddleston’s deferred compensation to what is being done about workplace bullying.

Regarding coaches’ salaries, Huddleston said. “Like it or not, we live in a market economy and people ought to be paid competitive rates. The fact is we don’t pay competitive wages across the board.”

In response to a comment about a dichotomy between the USNH board of trustees and employees, Huddleston noted that despite the fact they did not approve a 2 percent raise this year, the trustees “are in favor of paying market rate for all employees.”

“They know they cannot be successful if we don’t have a good staff,” he said.

To the point of making decisions in a transparent manner, Huddleston said, “We have to communicate more; better. We’re not trying to hide anything. You’re welcome to know all the numbers I know.”

Workplace bullying, addressed by another questioner, will not be tolerated, Huddleston said. David Proulx, interim assistant vice president of human resources, noted the HR department “needs a lot of attention” and that supervisors are undergoing training to help them better interact with their employees.

Bridget Finnegan, campus webmaster and director of New and Emerging Media, attended the meeting to discuss the OS Council’s interest in using social media to communicate with constituents.

The next OS meeting will take place Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 1 p.m. in the board of trustee’s conference room at Thompson Hall.