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Campuswide Occupy Movement Discussion Nov. 30

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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you to invite you to a campuswide dialogue being planned for Wednesday evening, Nov. 30, from 7-9 p.m. in the Huddleston Ballroom, on the Occupy Movement and the UNH community. The topic, purposes, and structure of the event are in concert with Finding Common Ground: A University Dialogue on Solving Complex Problems. The event has been planned over the past few days by an ad hoc group including Senior Vice Provost Lisa MacFarlane, Vice President Mark Rubinstein, Deputy Chief Paul Dean, Residential Life director Scott Chesney, Justice Studies professor and counsel, Charles Putnam, and Bruce Mallory, director of the Carsey Institute and NH Listens.

We’ve all been following the swift expansion of the Occupy Movement to college campuses across the country. This campus-wide dialogue is an opportunity for the community to address the substantive and complex issues the movement has exposed, the growth of civic activism, and the role we all play in fostering respectful exchange of diverse views. To that end, the evening will begin with short statements from students, administrators, faculty, and the police, and then move to facilitated, small group discussion.

Together, we welcome, and hope to consider, diverse perspectives on the social, political, economic, and legal issues that have created and sustained the movement; to examine the role of dissent, dialogue, and non-violent protest in the Occupy Movement; and to consider the particular relationship of a university, its faculty, and its students to the Occupy Movement and similar forms of dissent.

Best wishes,

John Aber
University Professor and Provost

To watch a video of the discussion visit