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Letter to the editor: How to Give Back Stipend

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Dear Colleagues,

At last month’s budget forum hosted by President Huddleston, I was quite touched when a gentleman who works in Facilities raised his hand and offered to give back to UNH the one-time $500 stipend that was approved by the USNH Board of Trustees. It was his way to help the University meet its future budgetary obligations. He acknowledged that it was a small contribution. When the forum was over, I looked for him to no avail. I wanted him to know that his effort would not be a small contribution. In fact, given the culture shift that needs to take place on this campus, his offer was bold, and I deeply appreciated his commitment to doing what he could to help keep UNH strong.

The more I talked about this gentlemen to others around the campus, the more I have learned that there are many staff who would willingly give back the stipend to help UNH. There is a way to do it, and I invite any of you to help out.

Staff received this extra payment on October 28 or November 4, depending on their pay cycle. If you so desire, you may “return” that money to UNH by going online to
https://foundation.unh.edu/make-gift/staffcj  and make a contribution to The UNH Fund.

Your gift to The UNH Fund, combined with those of thousands of fellow alumni, parents and friends, helps UNH meet its top priorities: student scholarship support, faculty development, research projects and program support.

As we embark on this season of giving, please know that your gift to The UNH Fund truly helps us change the world, one UNH student at a time.

Peter B. Weiler
President, UNH Foundation