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Take Note of Summer Parking Changes

May 25, 2011

Summer construction will have a significant impact on “normal” parking across campus.  Here’s what’s on tap that may affect where and when you can park:

  1. Lot T (Thompson Hall) will be closed to normal pay-per-hour parking starting May 23. The 20 spaces normally set aside for pay-per-hour visitor parking will be dedicated to admissions guest parking exclusively.  The reserved admin/guest spaces, the ADA accessible (h/c) spaces, and the service vehicle space will be unaffected by this change, but will be enforced strictly. The library return drop box will be accessible for drive-by patrons, but do not drive up to T-lot expecting to get a pay-per-hour space or to do a “short errand”, as this lot is not available for that.  (The lot will be open evenings and weekends).

  2. Smith/Scott parking lots (directly behind Smith and Scott Halls) will spend most of the summer as admissions guest parking only, starting May 23.  Faculty/staff permits normally valid there will not be honored during this period. Note that the hall director parking spaces that had been behind Smith are to be relocated behind Jessie Doe in the Brook Way lot, so a few general faculty/staff spaces will be temporarily reassigned as part of this as well.

  3. Lot H (New Hampshire Hall/outdoor pool) will close May 22 and stay closed for most of the summer while this lot is rebuilt and reconfigured. When it opens again, a portion of the lot will be delineated for a new pay-per-hour visitor section with some permanent admissions guest parking spaces. The rest will return to faculty/staff parking.

  4. Lot A (across from Field House) will be getting resurfaced one section at a time—there are four sections in Lot A. The lot will experience partial closures as the project moves along. But while one section is getting re-surfaced, the other three sections will be open.  This is scheduled to get underway immediately.

  5. Philbrook Lot will be closed for about two months starting May 23. A new steam line installation there will also impact traffic access to this side of campus.  In particular, the Wildcat Transit bus stops at McConnell, Kingsbury and Hewitt will be closed for the summer, leaving only T-Hall, Holloway@ Main, and Hetzel stops serviceable.

  6. All parking around Health Services--Grant House, Schoffield House, Rosemary Lane, and DCE Lot (but excluding campus police parking)—will all be closed starting on May 23 and more or less permanently to make way for the new Peter Paul Business School.  A map of the affected area is posted on the UTS web page here:  www.unh.edu/transportation/parking/Paul_College_Construction_Zone.pdf .

  7. The unpaved parking area on Waterworks Road will revert to a construction area for the Philbrook project; general parking will not be available, effective May 23.

  8. Opening for faculty/staff holders: Strafford Lot (former New England Center) will now be re-classified as a faculty/Staff parking lot starting May 23. This will stay faculty/staff parking into the future as well, even after the construction projects. This should be the destination for many of those displaced by some of these projects.

Pay-per-hour visitor parking is still available at the Visitor Information Center and Lot C. Direct guests to one of these areas.  Event reservations requests are done the same as ever (see link below).

There are sure to be other projects not listed here and/or not yet on the schedule in and around UNH/Durham which may impact moving traffic, municipal parking, or campus parking. 

It is always tricky to try to predict a solid conclusion date of any construction project given weather, extensions, variations, readjustment of priorities, emergencies, and other types of timetable disruptions. So take these closure/timeline estimates as “loose at best.” Parking News will try to keep you abreast of parking-implication updates; stay tuned.

For a more general view into campus construction, check out the Facilities Design & Construction web page, http://www.unh.edu/ecd/design.html  for a summer construction map and project details. 

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