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Letter to the Editor: A Thank You to David Proulx

May 11, 2011

Submitted May 10, 2011

Dear Editor:

We would like to publicly thank David Proulx, associate vice-president of Finance and administration for his current service as interim assistant vice-president of Human Resources. In his brief tenure, he has facilitated significant positive change, which has strengthened collaboration and trust on campus. Never have campus constituents been more invited to participate in dialogue regarding compensation and benefits. His successes within the last few months include:

  • He created of a multi-stakeholder team at UNH to develop, in collaboration with the Systems Personnel Policy Committee (SPPC) and USNH, the pending health and retirement benefit changes.  All campus employee groups affected by these changes (PAT, OS, EE, non-union faculty, administration) are represented, as well as campus experts on health insurance policy and health care systems.

  • He has encouraged campus group representatives to speak and vote on behalf of their constituents, with no pressure to conform on stances.

  • Since its creation in February 2011, the e-mail address for campus input on the benefit changes (unh.sppc@unh.edu) has received 460-plus e-mails from 110-plus individuals with ideas, questions, and feedback.  This has been a critical tool for campus collaboration.

  • Regarding those emails, David Proulx has taken the time to personally respond to virtually all input received, as well as ensure that questions receive a thorough answer and that ideas are investigated for their feasibility.

  • The UNH Human Resources website has been revised to include significantly more information about benefits.

  • Upon learning that the UNH representatives to the SPPC were not getting mileage reimbursed for service on the SPPC, he swiftly approved it. Staff council representatives from UNH Manchester are also now reimbursed for travel to meetings (we carpool and Skype when possible).

  • Upon learning that the UNH clinical and research faculty were not represented at the SPPC, a group previously unrepresented yet affected by SPPC decisions, he swiftly enabled this.

During these difficult few months, David Proulx has conducted himself with the upmost consideration and respect of the diverse needs and interests of the campus community.  He has championed employee input and access to information at the USNH board level on down.  We certainly feel actively included in decision-making processes. UNH is fortunate to have a leader like David Proulx to step up during such challenging times. Thank you.


Monique Couillard, OS Council chair
Rachel Feeney, PAT Council chair
Chuck Hersey, EE Council co-chair
Julia Peterson, EE Council co-chair
Amy Schwartz, research and clinical faculty SPPC representative

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