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Congratulations to our PAT Staff Colleagues

We would like to congratulate our PAT Staff colleagues who will be recognized this Friday for their service to the university. Many of us have worked with you for years, even decades, and you are, in large part, why we love to come to work every day.

Together we have built a wonderful community at UNH. With your help, together we will build an even stronger community at UNH where we can create real fairness and equity by being an equal partner with the university. We are stronger when we stand together.

PAT Staff Union Organizing Committee

Ken Brown
Amy Culp
Marcus Del Greco, former PAT Council representative
Kathi Derby
Sharon Eaton
Mary Essley, former PAT Council representative
Bridget Finnegan
Marianne Fortescue
Sylvia Foster
Francis Hallahan
Phillip Hammond, former PAT Council Chair and SPPC representative
Rob Gibson
Kate Gillen
Cindy Glidden
Andy Glode
Barbara Locke
Marty McCrone
Krystalynne Morris
Melissa Nicholson
Brett Pasinella
Adam Perkins
Steve Pesci
Jahnay Pickett, former PAT Council Representative
Meredith Ricker
Ellen Semran
Lisa Scigliano, former PAT Council Representative
Peter Welch
Maggie Wells, current PAT Council representative
Lori Wright
Dawn Zitney


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