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Fear at UNH

May 4, 2011

As a staff member at UNH I feel there is much to be afraid of as pointed out in letters from the Campus Journal dated April 27, 2011.  Being afraid of starting at ground zero however is not one of them; ending up at ground zero most definitely is.

I’m afraid of several things.  I fear what could happen should my health take a turn.  I’m in the high risk years as are many, if not the bulk of employees, on campus. Our questions regarding what health care will look like when it’s all said and done, go unanswered.  I fear loss of choice in doctors; I fear loss of income to out of pocket medical expenses.   I still have many years to go before reaching the age of being eligible for full social security.  In most of my 20 years here, even with a college degree from the start, I’ve done no better in salary than making ends meet.  I fear my house of cards will topple in one big breath of my employer.  I fear the 1.25 percent of union dues would look like a real bargain in retrospect.

I fear the concept of taking technology to the nth degree at the expense of people.  I fear I will be just one more casualty in the war to advance theories that conflict with what I need for my own survival.

I do not fear ‘negotiations starting from zero’ should a staff union be put in place, as there are laws that will protect me from that, not to mention talented, hard working colleagues with a shared vision.  It’s my fear of ending with nothing that compelled me to sign a union card.

Marilyn Qua
UNH employee


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