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PAT Who Do Not Support a Union

May 4, 2011

This letter is in support of our fellow PAT colleagues who wrote editorial letters in last week���s Campus Journal. We stand united with them in that we do not support unionizing.

We also support the president in his testimony to the State Senate and in his request for everyone to work together in transforming our institution into one that is affordable for future generations.

We reject any notion that a union can provide us better benefits, better salaries, and a better work environment than we have now or in the future. Given everything that is happening around us, we are simply grateful to have jobs. We fully understand the financial issues of our country and state and believe we all must play a part in solving these very difficult financial challenges. We also believe it is up to the collective of faculty and staff to focus our energies by actively working on ways to be more efficient, more innovative, and more nimble. 

Our staff councils are more engaged than they have ever been before.  We have had countless informative and detailed email updates from the administration. We have had numerous opportunities to have our voices heard and we believe they are being heard.  We also trust that the administration and the USNH BOT are genuine when they say their goal is to keep parity between all employee groups.

Now is the time to face reality.  Now is the time to help redefine the future of the higher education system. Now is the time to work together towards this common goal so that we can all prosper once again.

If you agree with this position, feel free to contact us so that we can strengthen our efforts against unionization.

Tina Sawtelle
Robin Crockett
John LaBonte
Tammy McGlone
Christine Dupere
Cory Schwartz
Michelle Bronner

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