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Letter To The Editor: PAT Colleagues Have Come Together to Form a Staff Union

March 30, 2011

Dear Editor and UNH PAT staff,

Your UNH PAT colleagues have come together to form a UNH PAT staff union to restore real shared governance and create a community of trust at UNH. Many of us have worked at UNH for decades, while others joined the university just this year. All of us are dismayed by the recent proposed changes regarding our benefits, and the lack of shared governance and transparency regarding how these decisions were made. Moreover, we are disappointed that keeping PAT staff at parity with other employee groups no longer appears to be a priority.

PAT staff are 12.5 percent below market regarding total compensation when looking at all the comparators in the USNH Mercer Report. When looking at companies that offer just a 401k/403b for retirement, which is what we have, we are 10.5 percent below market in total compensation. In comparison, the administration and operating staff are 1 percent below market, and faculty are 2 percent below market in total compensation.

We believe that we are stronger together than as individuals, and we are resolved to creating a progressive PAT staff union that effectively collaborates with the university and gives PAT staff a true voice in the workplace.

If you would like to be involved in this effort at ANY level, email us at patstaffunion@gmail.com. All emails are strictly confidential. We also will have a brown bag lunch informational meeting this Friday, April 1, at noon at the Waysmeet Center in Durham. Together we can create a more fair, dignified community for PAT Staff at UNH.

UNH PAT Staff Union Organizing Committee


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