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Healthy Competition, Take II

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
March 2, 2011

Healthy UNH’s first campus-wide fitness competition had teams vying to see who could exercise the most in 30 days. The gauntlet is being thrown down again with the Spring into Fitness challenge set to take place March 21 through April 17.

The competition aims to get people moving through the lure of competition and the support of team members.  

Each team will have one to five members who will come up with a name and choose a team leader. The leaders are charged with registering the team and providing weekly updates. Register by Thursday, March 17. No changes can be made after registration. Students can’t be on faculty/staff teams and vice versa.

Each team member is responsible for keeping track of the amount of time he or she spends exercising each week as well as the activity, and reporting it to the leader who will, in turn, total and report the group’s progress. Team leaders can enter the information weekly or wait until the end of the competition.

Only the following activities will count toward accumulated minutes:

Aerobics, archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, bicycling/cycling, bowling, boxing, broom ball, calisthenics, canoeing, cricket, croquet, dancing, exercise machine (elliptical, treadmill, etc) football, Frisbee, golf (without the use of a cart), group exercise class, hiking, hockey, kayaking, Pilates, rock climbing, rowing, rugby, running, skateboarding, skating (ice or roller), skiing (cross country or downhill), snowshoeing, soccer, softball, surfing, swimming, table tennis, Tai Chi, tennis, volleyball, walking, water aerobics, weight lifting, Wiffle ball and yoga.

All team information must be entered no later than Friday, April 22.

Prizes will be awarded for most active (highest average number of minutes exercised per person) and most varied (greatest assortment of exercise per person).

Questions or concerns can be sent to healthy.unh@unh.edu. To register visit www.unh.edu/healthyunh.

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