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UNH PrintSmart Program Graduates to the Next Phase

June 8, 2011

UNH Printing Services, manager of the new UNH PrintSmart Program, would like to provide an update on the status of the print management project. 

The contract is very close to being signed and for the past few months, UNH Printing Services, Conway Office Solutions and UNH IT have been working together to evaluate our existing copier and printer fleets to determine our actual copying and printing volumes. 

A key component to the PrintSmart program savings model is to “right size” each machine.  Right sizing directly correlates with the actual copy and printing volumes each department or area produces over a given period of time.  Each new Xerox MFD (multifunction device) placed will be based on the typical monthly volume of copies and prints.   The PrintSmart program also encourages the elimination of printing on more expensive desk jet and laser printers, and migration of those prints over to the lower cost MFDs.  The cost-per-copy of those types of printers is significantly higher than the new equipment.  Shifting those prints will benefit your budget.

The PrintSmart program will offer users two types of MFDs: black-only, and black with color devices.  The cost-per-copy is as follows: 

  • B&W on a black-only model = $0.025 per page

  • B&W on a color model = $0.03 per B&W page

  • Color copies on a color model = $0.075 per page

You will no longer pay for toner.  The only cost will be for the number of copies you make, paper and staples.

Many of you had the opportunity to see the new Xerox MFD models at the April 22th roll out event at the MUB.  Since then, 21 devices have been installed throughout campus, and pilot programs are running at the other campuses as well.  The feedback from this first phase has been positive.  Each location now has the ability to copy, print, scan (in color) and fax from one device.  We are now ready to move to Phase 2. 

Over the next 3 months approximately 120-150 new Xerox multifunction devices will be installed building-by-building.  The building order and approximate date of installations is currently being determined and will be communicated to the campus in the near future. Representatives from Conway Office Products and UNH Printing Services will work with departments to determine the model that best meets the needs of each department. 

You may be wondering……What does this mean to me? 

  • Simpler Equipment Pricing = No More Monthly Rental Charges or Copy Allowances

All PrintSmart devices are billed quarterly on a simple cost-per-copy basis.  This means that you will only pay for what you print – there is no monthly rental fee, no cost for service, no cost for maintenance or supplies.  All you’ll pay for are the pages you print and for paper (and staples if applicable).  No hidden charges!

  • Less Frequent Billing = Less Time Making Payments

Billings will be reconciled on a quarterly basis, rather than monthly as is currently done, and all bills can be paid via PCard. Conway can provide usage information during the quarterly periods as needed.

  • Reduced Costs = All USNH Institutions Have Combined Forces To Reduce Prices

Compared to what you may be paying now, the new PrintSmart program will save you in other ways.  Here are two real-life examples of what UNH is currently paying for two of its copiers:
1. Konica C353  4,284 black pages and 4,784 color pages:  Current Monthly Cost $609.64
Under the new PrintSmart programon a Xerox 7535, this cost would be: $487.32  = A savings of $122.32 per month.

2. Konica 500 11,216 black pages:  Current Monthly Cost:  $365.51

Under the new PrintSmart program on a Xerox 5755 the cost would be: $280.40 = A savings of $85.11 per month.

  • Energy Savings = Save $$ and Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Most of the UNH fleet of copiers and printers are two or more years old.  Some are as much as 8 to 10 years old or older, and are not as energy efficient as models are today.  Each Xerox MFD will use an average of 31% less energy compared to existing copiers on campus.

  • Save Paper = Save $$ and Save Trees

Paper prices continue to rise across the country, often multiple times within one calendar year.  To help offset these paper industry increases and to reduce our overall paper usage, each new Xerox MFD will be defaulted to copy and print on both sides of the paper.  In addition, all devices will arrive ready to scan documents (in color) to your e-mail address when there is no need to print a hard copy. 

  • Better Security Features = Lowers Risk of Data Breach

All Xerox MFDs have multiple layers of security to ensure the confidentiality of your documents.
Secure Print; Disk Overwrite; Encryption; Password Protect PDF, are just some of the features that will come standard on all devices to ensure compliance with the USNH Policy on Data Security. 

  • Increased Efficiencies = Saves YOU Time

Each Xerox MFD will scan, copy, print, and fax faster than many of our older models of copiers, printers, and fax machines.  In addition, the Xerox MFDs are capable of true multitasking – this means while sending a Fax, you can still make copies, print or scan. In addition, even if a fax is coming in or it is printing, you can still load documents into the MFP’s feeder and start your copy, fax or scan job.

In the coming months, representatives from Conway and UNH Printing Services will contact departments to plan the installation of the new equipment.  The timing will depend on your location and any agreement you may have currently on an existing machine. 

UNH Printing Services will work on your behalf to ensure the success of the program.  Please call 862-0537, if you have any questions or concerns, or visit the PrintSmart Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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