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Letter to the Editor: PAT Staff Against the Union

June 8, 2011

Letter to the CJ Editor:

The following individuals have stepped forward to publicly reject the efforts to unionize PAT employees on our campus.  Please join us if you agree with our position.   

Aydelott, Jack
Blank, Brian
Bronner, Michelle
Brownell, Donna
Byrne, Dennis
Cercone, Richard
Chesney, Scott
Cloutier, Ann
Coughenour, Ralph
Crockett, Robin
Crosby, Brandon
Currier, Cheryl
Daly, Michael
Davie, Laura
Dean, Paul
Desjardins, Gary
DeVaughn, Daniel
Dolan, Katherine
Dube, Amy
Ducharme, Kevin
Dupere, Christine
Eaton, Guy
Eng, Myleta
Etter, Christine
Feeney, Rachel
Fernald, Jody
Fiumara-Montgomery, Michelle
Gabriel, Stacey
Gombar, Jane
Grimard-Goss, Cindy
Hayden, Linda
Hill, David
Hodgdon, Paul
Hurley, Teri
Irla-Chesney, Kathy
Kaschak, Chris
King, Michele
Kretchmar, Shawn
LaBonte, John
Laliberte, Marc
Lamy, Thomas
Lauder, Tracey
LeHoullier, Richard
MacDonald, Rick
Magdol, Zachary
Maltese, Elena
Mandsager, Kathy
Marble, Florence
Masse, Blaise
May, David
McCarthy, Daniel
McClintock, Dorrie
McGlone, Tammy
Meehan, Bill
Metcalf, Steve
Metz, Gretchen
Moore, Cheryl
Murphy, Mike
Pardus-Oakes, Julie
Persson, Kimberly
Petruno, Jessica
Plodzik, Jon
Poole, Douglas
Porter, Andrew
Radzevich, Amber
Ratto, Lois
Roberts, Paul
Sawtelle, Tina
Scanlon, Deborah
Scannell, David
Schwartz, Cory
Sheehan, Dot
Snow, George
Steinberg, Barbara
Stuart, Kathryn
Stuart, Patsy
Tibbetts, Linda
Timmons, Dirk
Wainwright, Kathy
Way, Chris
Whitney, Amy
Williams, Michel
Willman, Josh
Winston, Sean

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