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PAT Representatives to Serve on Faculty Senate and Provost Merger Committees

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
July 20, 2011

During its July meeting, the PAT Council chose two volunteers to serve on committees exploring the possible reorganization of COLSA, CEPS and EOS. Steve Myers, manager of the Space Instrumentation Project, will sit on the committee coordinated by Provost John Aber while Kim Therrien, an information technologist, will sit on the committee organized by the Faculty Senate.

The Budget Task Force has suggested exploring the idea of merging COLSA, CEPS and EOS as well as evaluating the role of the graduate school.

In June, chairs of the PAT, OS and EE councils met with the Faculty Senate chairman Larry Prelli and learned the Faculty Senate was interested in looking at the two issues. Kristin Bolton will serve on the committee coordinated by the Provost examining a potential reorganization of the Graduate School and Cindy Glidden will serve on the one coordinated by the Faculty Senate.

Committee members looking at the possible merger include:

Art Greenberg CEPS, chair, liaison
Drew Conroy, COLSA, liaison
Jeff Diefendorf, COLA
Tom Foxall, COLSA
Phil Hatcher, CEPS
Kim Therrien, PAT Council
Malcolm Smith, EE Council

The committee coordinated by Aber will attend an all-day retreat July 22. Members of that committee are:

Kim Babbitt, associate dean, COLSA  
Amitava Bhattacharjee, tenure track (TT) faculty, EOS, CEPS
Drew Conroy, TT faculty, COLSA/TSAS, Senate representative
Rick Cote, TT faculty, COLSA
Jeanne Davis, BSC director, EOS
Matt Davis, TT faculty, CEPS
Diane Foster, TT faculty CEPS
Art Greenberg, TT faculty, CEPS, Senate representative
Jennifer Jacobs, TT faculty, CEPS, Earth School group
Steve Jones, research faculty, COLSA, Marine School group
Kathleen Maher, staff, Health Services
Scott Ollinger, TT faculty COLSA, EOS, Earth School group
Larry Prelli, TT faculty, COLA, Senate chair
Kate Roberts, BSC director, CEPS
Tina Sawtelle, BSC director, COLSA
Regina Smick-Attisano, director TSAS, COLSA
Doug Vandemark, research faculty, EOS, Marine School group
Ruth Varner, research faculty, EOS and CEPS
P.T. Vasudevan, TT faculty, CEPS
Win Watson, TT faculty, COLSA, Marine School group

According to the Budget Task Force, the administration will provide metrics from campus and national sources to the committee by September and a report will be due in December.

In other news, the council was given an overview of the compassionate leave program by HR staff.

Paige Amick joined the council as the new representative for District 1. 

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