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Multifunction Machines Will Replace Printers; Copiers

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
January 26, 2011

In the next month, a study will take place on campus to help departments assess their printing and copying needs as the university prepares to make the switch to machines that combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning.

The move to multifunction devices, or MFDs, is expected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, systemwide.  Machines that can perform multiple tasks also are more cost efficient and more sustainable, helping to reduce UNH���s carbon footprint.

���This project is an example of ���low hanging fruit��� that will save precious budget dollars.  We will have one partner working with USNH to provide an important service,��� says David May, assistant vice president for business affairs. ���Our cost will be stable for five years, which will have a positive financial impact for individual departments. Departments will still have the ability to choose the solution that works best for them.���

Conway Office Solutions, USNH���s new print management vendor, will conduct the study and then develop solutions specific to each department. All of the MFDs will be Xerox although the specific model will depend on the volume and type of copies needed at a particular location. 

All USNH campuses will be involved in the print management program.

The study will look at total monthly printing volumes and associated costs, such as service, support and supplies, for approximately 100 UNH departments. An inventory of all printing devices will be taken as well.

From there an installation and training schedule will be drawn up to determine when the multifunction machines will be installed per department. Between 100 and 150 machines will be in place at the end of this fiscal year.

���Not only will the project save valuable dollars right from the get-go, but by consolidating and updating how we do business, we will save energy in keeping with UNH���s and USNH���s sustainable initiatives. It���s a win-win from both vantage points,��� said Lisa Pollard, purchasing manager for USNH.

The change is expected to save UNH an estimated $200,000 annually, according to May.

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