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Clarification on Health Survey

February 16, 2011

The goal of Healthy UNH is to make our campus the healthiest in the United States by 2020 by improving the overall health of the entire campus community – faculty, staff and students -- while at the same time working to slow down or even decrease spiraling healthcare costs. Health care spending has doubled during the last 10 years and has moved ahead of retirement benefits as the single largest benefit program at UNH. There are many initiatives underway (visit www.unh.edu/healthyunh to learn more).

Faculty and staff recently received a short survey via e-mail exploring the possibility of providing primary care on campus for faculty and staff, a service that is currently available for students. There is an apparent misconception by some that this survey is part of an attempt to force people to give up their own health care providers and go to university-provided providers. This is not accurate. This survey is intended only to assess interest in a service to help meet staff and faculty's needs by providing a convenient alternative to having to get health care that is located elsewhere.  If this service is ultimately adopted, your personal choice will not be altered .

“The subcommittee wants to know if faculty and staff, and perhaps their families, would want to receive regular primary and other outpatient care on campus if it were available,” said Kevin Charles, head of the subcommittee and executive director of University Health Services.

The deadline to take the survey is Friday, Feb. 18.

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