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President Huddleston and Provost Aber Attend PAT Council Meeting

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Gaps in the 2012 budget have been filled, in part, through SIPs (Separation Incentive Program), layoffs and by dipping into savings, President Mark Huddleston told members of the PAT Council at their meeting last week. He also noted the university would be updating the UNSH trustees about the status of the budget at a finance advisory committee meeting Dec. 12.

Provost John Aber, who also attended the meeting, added that, out of the 150 employees who have left the university, 17 were layoffs.

Aber noted he is in the early stages of examining academic units to try to identify inefficiencies, and that the process will take place throughout the year. Joanna Young, interim assistant vice president for finance and chief information officer, is looking at administrative practices with the same goal.

“One side isn’t taking all the hit,” Aber said. “Everything is under scrutiny.”

An update on the state of the year’s budget is included in this issue of Campus Journal.

Explanation on Vacation Time Not Being Eligible for Cash Out
From Joan Tambling, director of Human Resources

All earned time days have a cash value. Earned time days will all be used by the individual or paid in full at termination (or trade in for sick leave)– i.e. there is already a policy entitlement to these days, whether paid now or later.

Conversely, not all accrued vacation days will be used or will have cash out at termination. Only up to 30 days have an entitlement. So, if a PAT cashes out 5 days from his total of 35 or 40 days, there is a new cost.

PATs have other days, such as sick time and disability leave, which those with earned time do not. In other words to determine whether the Earned Time program and the more traditional program are equitable requires a review of the full context of the programs.

Council representatives took turns asking Huddleston questions posed by their constituents. Topping the list was the issue of operating staff employees being able to cash out five days of earned time, something PAT workers can’t do. Huddleston noted he wasn’t sure why the policy didn’t apply to all non-union employees and that he would confer with Human Resources to find out. (see sidebar)

Another issue raised by the PAT Council was that employees are required to take vacation days during the winter break and do not have the option of working. One council pointed out the practice came into being in an attempt to save energy as so few employees opted to work during the break.

In other news, Judy Quist was elected the new chairwoman of the PAT Council beginning Jan. 1, 2012.  Quist is an associate librarian at Dimond Library, and is entering her third year of service on the council. 

Steve Myers of the Space Science Center, and Maggie Wells of SHARPP were elected vice-chair and secretary, respectively.

Newly-elected council members include Martha Barker, district 1; Jonathan Adams, district 2; Daniel Richer, district 4; Michelle Day, district 10; Stephen Judd, district 15; Stephen Pesci, district 18; Cindy McGahey, district 19; and Stephanie Trukenbord, district 20.