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Wireless Coverage Expanded

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Many have the impression that summer is a quiet time for universities. IT staff working from June to August, however, often see it as the busiest time of year. Summertime is an opportunity to make big improvements to our services, especially those utilized by UNH students.

This summer, UNH Information Technology has been working diligently to fulfill the number one request received from students: to expand wireless coverage on campus ��� specifically in residence halls. We���re excited to announce the addition of wireless coverage to all residence hall lounges. This project is slated for completion by the end of September, and is a huge improvement which allows for better study collaboration and greater internet accessibility for mobile devices, a standard in students��� every day lives.

In addition, beginning this September, UNH IT will provide complete wireless coverage in Congreve, Mills, Stoke, and the Woodside Apartments. Each building was selected specifically for a proof of concept ��� some for the materials used in their construction, some for the area in which they are located, and others based on their square footage. Planning and work will continue throughout this year to complete the effort of providing wireless coverage in all residence halls. Our goal is to have complete wireless access in all residence halls by September 2012.

Wireless coverage is offered as an additional internet access option. Wired data connections are still available for each student in the residence hall rooms and continue to be available for devices without wireless capabilities.

Visit wifi.unh.edu for additional information on UNH Wireless and to follow the progress of UNH IT���s wireless expansion.