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Green Made Easy – No Sorting Required

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You know how you’ll be trying to do your part to recycle and you have to stop and look to see which bin is for cans and bottles, which is for plastic, and what about the cardboard and newspapers?  Well, you can forget all that during UNH’s single stream recycling trial because the new program lets you toss everything out together.

Single stream recycling means you don’t have to separate your paper from your plastic or glass or cans or your cardboard. It can all go in one bin; no sorting required. The separating takes place at the refuse center.  

UNH Facilities has partnered with Waste Management to implement the commingling trial that started Aug. 15 and runs through Dec. 15. In the two weeks since it began, nearly 4 tons of material have been collected.

“The goal is to make recycling so easy everyone will participate,” says Susanne Bennett, director of administration for Facilities Operations and Maintenance. “Single stream recycling has proven to be very successful in other municipalities and educational institutions.”

That’s because single stream collection is more convenient, increases the amount of waste that gets recycled and requires fewer collection trucks. Trash that can’t be recycled includes:

  • Boxes with silver or foil coating
  • Scrap metal
  • Paint cans
  • Broken glass
  • Mirrors, light bulbs, crystal
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Oil, antifreeze of brake fluid bottles
  • Ice cream boxes
  • TV dinner containers
  • Margarine boxes
  • Cream cheese boxes
  • Anything dirty, greasy or plastic-coated

Before placing items in recycling bins, rinse all cans, bottles, jars, and cartons; remove and discard all corks, tops, rings, and metal bottleneck wraps; and flatten containers whenever possible.

Buildings participating in the single stream recycling trial include:

Adams Tower West
Babcock Hall
Conant Hall
Demeritt Hall
Devine / Englehardt Halls
Dimond Library
Field House
Forest Park Apartments
Gables Apartments
Gibbs Hall
Hitchcock Hall
Horton Social Science Center
Hubbard Hall
James Hall
Jessie Doe Hall
McLaughlin/Lord Halls

Mills Hall
Morse Hall
Murkland Hall
Pettee Hall
Printing and Mail Service/West Edge
Randall Hall
Sawyer Hall
Scott Hall
Smith Hall
Spaulding Hall
Stoke Hall
Taylor Hall
Telecommunications Building
Thompson Hall
Whittemore Center