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Construction Changing View on Campus

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
August 3, 2011

The warm weather has favored numerous construction projects taking place around campus this summer, preventing delays and getting the university ready to welcome students.

A new view of Thompson Hall will be shaped by the work being done on the flagpole and surrounding area in front of the historic building. Replaced several times throughout the years, the first three flagpoles were made from trees from College Woods. The new 50-foot pole ismade of fiberglass, alleviating the rust problem that existed with the metal pole that previously stood on the site.

But the larger changes come with the elimination of the sidewalk leading to Main Street, moving the flagpole back, and adding a retaining wall around the flagpole. The 16-inch granite wall will bear the letters “University of New Hampshire.”

Eliminating the sidewalk that runs down to Main Street���which was impossible to plow in winter���will provide a clean, open look.

“It will a big change, visually,” said Larry Van Dessel, executive director of Facilities Design and Construction. “And, without the sidewalk down to Main Street, it will have more lawn. Our concept is, the more lawn the better.”

Van Dessel said it is expected the project will be complete by Aug. 16.

Also expected to be finished at the end of August are the new laboratories in the southeast wing of Parsons Hall. Home to the chemistry department, the U-shaped building is in need of physical and mechanical upgrades. The north, west and south wings will undergo full interior renovation, redoing an estimated 116,000 of the 146,000 square feet.

While the work is being done in phases, the new labs���eight in all, four on each floor-- are the current focus, with an aim of having them ready for the fall semester. The west wing, where other labs and administrative offices are located, is under construction now and expected to be done by November.

“There was a tremendous effort to get the southeast wing and the labs done in a three month period,” said Van Dessel, referencing the time between school letting out in May and starting up again at the end of August. “It was a huge upgrade. Nothing but the walls will be the same as before. Everything is new from floor to sinks.”

The old labs in Parsons Hall show the condition of the safety equipment (eyewash and shower) as well as antiquated testing equipment.

Other projects done this summer include:

  • Spaulding 120: auditorium restoration
  • Spaulding G26 restoration: smaller tiered classroom rehab
  • Steam line repairs on College Avenue and Main Street
  • Hot water lines adjacent to Congreve
  • Installation of a new steam line on McDaniel Drive: expands the benefit of EcoLine by using more of the summer’s excess steam
  • H lot reconfiguration: new visitor spaces
  • M lot: resurfacing (old visitor lot)
  • A lot: resurfacing
  • MUB: exterior panels
  • Hamilton Smith: front walk
  • Dell walkway
  • Pedestrian foot bridges:PCAC and Spaulding
  • Adams Point Road to Jackson Laboratory
  • Bremner Field: turf replacement
  • Field House: exterior brick, north side windows, shower upgrades
  • Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics: construction began
  • Stillings: windows
  • Scott Hall: windows
  • Woodside Apartments: kitchens
  • Stoke Hall: roof
  • 11 Brookway Road
  • Kendall Hall: VAT removals
  • Devine Hall: steam pit replacement
  • Dimond Library: cooling tower replacement
  • Conant: fire alarm upgrades
  • 1 Leavitt Lane: ADA ramp replacement

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