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Changing your Benefits Coverage

September 8, 2010

Generally faculty and staff may make changes to their benefits coverage once a year, in the fall, during the open enrollment period. Any changes during this time are effective the following January. The only other time faculty and staff can make changes to their benefits is when they experience a qualified change in status or life event. This change must be recorded in the online benefits system within 30 days of the qualifying event.  Documentation supporting the change must also be provided to Human Resources. The following are examples of qualifying events that may allow a change to benefits:

    • Marital changes due to marriage, divorce or death of spouse. Note:  divorce events must be recorded even if ex-spouse benefits will be continuing as allowed under N.H. legislation.
    • Birth, adoption or placement pending adoption of a child
    • Dependent’s loss of full-time student status 
    • Changes in employee or spouse employment (part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time)
    • Loss of spouse's health benefits due to termination or discontinuation of spouse's employer health benefits program
    • Termination or commencement of employment by the employee's spouse
    • Employee or dependent becomes eligible or ineligible for a government sponsored health program
    • Department of Social Services or court ordered coverage of a dependent
    • Employee or spouse takes unpaid leave of absence. Return from leave of absence
    • Significant cost changes (premiums) or changes in spouse's coverage (i.e. open enrollment)
    • In addition, change in child care providers, change in number of eligible dependents, and significant changes in provider fees are qualified changes in status allowing a modification to dependent care flexible spending accounts. (Must be in $500 increments)

If you experience a qualified change in status, log into the online benefits system (Aliquant) www.myusnhbenefits.net.  Click on “Initiate Life Event” and then select the appropriate event to record your change.  Most life event changes are pended for administrator approval until Human Resources receives and reviews supporting documentation.

The Office of Human Resources is happy to provide enrollment assistance and to answer any questions you may have.  Contact Sue Nolan at 2-0504 or Kristie Camacho at 2-0509.

Benefits representatives from the Office of Human Resources are available on campus to meet with employees.  If interested in an appointment, contact Sue Nolan at 2-0504.

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