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2011 Benefits Open Enrollment Reminders

By Beth Potier, Media Relations
October 27, 2010

Benefits open enrollment for 2011 is underway and will continue through Nov. 5, 2010.  If you do not enroll by the Nov. 5 deadline, the core benefits selections you are currently enrolled in will not change for 2011.  If you were enrolled in a 2010 flexible spending account (FSA) and want a 2011 FSA, you must re-enroll online at www.myusnhbenefits.net  during open enrollment.  FSAs do not automatically rollover year to year.

The tax-free $500 health reimbursement account (HRA) will continue in 2011 for eligible employees and will be funded in January.  The HRA is an employer-funded account, administered by WageWorks, that reimburses employees for qualified health care expenses similar to a flexible spending account except that if you do not use the entire $500 in 2011, it will rollover to the next year.  It also can be used to pay for eligible dependents' health care expenses.

Open enrollment is also a good time to review your life insurance beneficiaries to be sure they are up to date.  Go to www.myusnhbenefits.net and click on beneficiary information.   Retirement beneficiaries must be updated with the retirement vendor.

New for 2011

Health Care Reform

  • Adult children to age 26 are now eligible for USNH medical and dental coverage regardless of student, employment, marital, residency or tax status.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications – a prescription will now be needed for many OTC medications that were previously allowed under the FSA/HRA programs.  You will no longer be able to use your FSA/HRA debit card to purchase these OTC medicines, but will need to submit a copy of the prescription along with your “Pay Me Back” claim form and receipt before you can be reimbursed.  For more information go to www.wageworks.com

Prescription benefit copayment change for USNH Harvard Pilgrim Health Plans

            Generic drugs – Tier 1 from $7 to $5
            Brand drugs – Tier 2 from $18 to $25
            Other drugs – Tier 3 from $35 to $40

Refer to your open enrollment newsletter for additional information http://www.usnh.edu/hr/benefits/2011-openenrollment/pdf/OE2011Newsletter.pdf
If you have further questions, contact UNH benefits administration, Sue Nolan, 22-0504, and Kristie Camacho, 2-0509.

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