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Power Down for Thanksgiving

By Beth Potier, Media Relations
November 24, 2010

For most UNH faculty and staff, the next four days promise to be power-intensive, as we crank up our ovens, tune in to football and parades on TV, and fill the tank for those trips to the mall. A quick, easy power down before you leave the office today, however, can go a long way toward saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The UNH Energy Task Force reminds all faculty, staff and students to turn off all computers, lights, office equipment and electronics before leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday. Previous Thanksgiving power down campaigns have resulted in more than $10,000 energy cost savings and reducing emissions by the equivalent of not driving five passenger cars for an entire year.

“Many people don’t realize that electronics can draw up to 30 percent of their total energy use when they are turned off but still plugged in,” says Energy Task Force chair Paul Chamberlin, assistant vice president for energy and campus development. “For lots of offices, powering down can be as simple as turning off the power strip or surge protector.”

For more information on powering down and other energy-saving tips, go to http://www.energy.unh.edu/tips.html

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