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PAT Council Can Suggest Revenue Generating Ideas

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
May 12, 2010

Ideas on ways the university can generate revenue can now be submitted to the PAT Council Web site.

At previous council meetings, representatives have discussed possible ways UNH could increase revenue, including offering more online courses and maximizing building use. After talking with President Mark Huddleston, PAT Council chair Rachel Feeney informed representatives Huddleston was open to hearing their ideas.

“The PAT Council is responding proactively to the financial challenges of the university.  We hear all the time from staff of ways that UNH could creatively generate revenue,” Feeney said. “The discussion forum on the PAT Council Web site will help us gather all those ideas. The president is pleased that we want to help in this way, and he looks forward to hearing the results of our efforts.”

Councilor Jason Graves, who represents District 4, has volunteered to monitor the message board page on the PAT Web site where people can post their ideas. Graves will maintain the page and bring the ideas back to the council. At that point, it will be decided what should be passed along to the president, and the best method for doing so.

“We may hold in-person meetings to flesh out ideas, or bring them to one of the many UNH committees that we have PAT staff sitting on,” Feeney said. “It’s a new adventure, so we’ll see how it unfolds.”

Ideas can be submitted anonymously or staff members can sign their names and provide contact information. To post an idea go to http://patcouncil.sr.unh.edu/all/msg-brd/revenue-generating and click “start a new conversation” or post a comment on a topic that has already been submitted.

In other news, Tammy McGlone, District 14 representative, was reelected as the alternative to the System Personnel Policies Council.

The next meeting of the PAT Council takes place June 2, at 1:45 p.m. in the MUB, room 302.

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