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Snow Safety Reminder

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
January 27, 2010

It’s winter. It’s been snowing. It’s going to snow some more.

That means snow is often piling up on roofs and, as the temperature rises a little or the sun stays out awhile, it begins to melt and can end up sliding off onto the sidewalks below. For safety’s sake, Anthony Zizos, associate vice president of campus operations, reminds people to beware.

“If enough snow accumulates on a roof, and temperatures warm, it could slide off and hit the adjacent sidewalk,” Zizos says. “It’s a general hazard worth mentioning.”

Zizos says the problem exists everywhere there is a pitched roof.  But there have been reports this winter of snow slides coming from UNH buildings whose architectural designs typically don’t present such problems.

“Some slides have occurred that defy the architectural design of the building,” he says. 

Thompson Hall is one such building. Others include Morrill Hall, Kingsbury Hall, Congreve Hall, Holloway Commons, Paul Creative Arts Center, Hamel Recreation Center and the Gables apartment complex.

“Hearing a thunderous roar and then seeing snow slide off a roof is something of a usual occurrence so this is just a general heads-up,” Zizos says. “It’s one of those common sense reminders.”

So, while Zizos says it isn’t something people should be uncommonly worried about, it is wise to take care and be aware while walking around campus. Or, as Zizos says, keep your head up.


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