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Save Gas, Reduce Emissions: Buddy Up With GoLoco

By Jody Record, Campus Journal Editor
February 10, 2010

If you want to save money on gas and help reduce emissions at the same time, consider the ridesharing program GoLoco, part of UNH’s multiple transportation offerings for faculty, staff and students.

The Web-based GoLoco matches people who are traveling to the same destination and want to share the ride. And it’s not just for commuters. People who want to spend time in Portsmouth or Boston, or anywhere a likeminded traveler is headed, can use GoLoco. Simply go to the Web site and post where it is you want to go and wait for a match.

 “GoLoco is a good way to find others traveling similar routes to and from UNH to set up daily or occasional carpooling.  It’s also a good resource for one time rides to various locations (for example, going to New York City for the weekend or over a holiday),” says Brett Gangon, coordinator at Commuter Student Services, who worked with University Transportation Services, Campus Planning, and the University Office of Sustainability to bring GoLoco to campus. “By carpooling and ridesharing, not only are we helping the environment, but also money is saved along with decreasing wear and tear on your vehicle.”

Some people think of ridesharing as a one-time arrangement and view carpooling as ongoing. With GoLoco, it can be either, depending on what people are looking for, and the arrangements that can be made.

For example, a UNH employee might use GoLoco to find someone to travel to work with, sharing the cost of gas, or paying a set amount per ride. Another employee might want someone to travel with to a concert at the Capitol Center for the Performing Arts in Concord, or to the Berkshires for the weekend.

There is no fee to use GoLoco. Currently, UNH has about 100 members. Growing that number, organizers say, will give people more options.

For more information or to look for a ride match visit http://www.unh.edu/transportation/programs/goloco.htm.  

For information on other UNH transportation options visit http://www.unh.edu/transportation/index.htm.

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