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UNH Names Marine Complex in Honor of Sen. Judd Gregg; Announces Scholarship Fund

By Erika Mantz, Media Relations
December 15, 2010

J. Bonnie Newman, Kathy Gregg and Sen. Judd Gregg. Photos: Mike Ross, Photographic Services.

UNH named its marine facility for U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg in a ceremony Monday to honor his many years of support of university programs, especially in the areas of marine and environmental sciences and justice programs. The Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex, located in New Castle, comprises the Coastal Marine Laboratory, Marine Research Pier, and Pier Support Facility.

"During his three terms in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Gregg has supported more than $440 million in efforts to bring UNH research, expertise, and technology to the world," said President Mark W. Huddleston. "Thanks to his vision over the past 18 years, the university is a far different, and far more robust, institution that now stands shoulder to shoulder with the nation's premiere public research universities. Today, we honor him at this remarkable marine research facility because it represents so well his devotion to the region and his passion for UNH research, innovative partnerships, and wise resource management."

David Finkelhor, director, Crimes against Children Research Center.

Gregg's significant and varied contributions were showcased in a video (http://vimeo.com/17768654) that highlighted the impact of some of the work supported by the senator and carried out with the help of the university, including Project 54, an innovative technology that brings voice command and integrated electronics into police cruisers and other emergency vehicles, and Northeast Consortium, which supports research and development of selective fishing gear technology. In addition, speakers addressed his support of the NOAA/UNH Joint hydrographic Center, the Coastal Response Research Center, and the Crimes Against Children Research Center.

The Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex is a fully integrated educational and research facility with access to the open waters of the Gulf of Maine and a state-of-the-art marine laboratory. Located at historic Fort Constitution and established in 1989, the recently renovated Coastal Marine Laboratory provides updated research support space and lab enhancements that include experimental enclosures ranging from 20 to 2,000 gallons of seawater per tank. The 325' pier opened in 2009. It provides essential berth space for the UNH fleet as well as large experimental enclosures below the pier. The Pier Support Facility serves as the base for UNH staff, boat captains and crew, and NOAA personnel, and is home to the UNH Diving program.

President Mark Huddleston, Emma Bricker, Andy Armstrong, co-director NOAA/UNH Joint Hydrographic Center, and Nancy Kinner, co-director Coastal Response Research Center, and Ph.D. candidate Heather Ballestero.

In addition, Huddleston announced the establishment of the Judd and Kathy Gregg Marine Science Scholarship Fund in honor of the senator and his wife for their sustained commitment to marine research and education at UNH. The fund will be used to support graduate students who have defined their course of study in coastal marine science, engineering, policy or management.


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